Core Implementations

Good Corporate Governance is our primary core for  the implementation of our social responsibility as manifested in our decision making processes and structure. Our social responsibility in the field of Human Rights and Labor Practice is implemented in any and all form of organizational practice and corporate activity which respect civil, economy, social, cultural and political rights of the employee and partners, as well as do not  recognize    discrimination based on  race, ethnicity, religious views, age and gender.

In field of environment, we conduct well planned and  integrated operations, which are reviewed and improved from time to time to continuously enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocations. It also adopts standardized environmental management system in order to  avoid improvidence  of resources, including those of non renewable resources. Other than that we also actively involve in community development program in sustainable environment program.

To ensure the fulfillment of customers' satisfaction, we conduct customer satisfaction survey aimed at discovering necessary measure to take in order to meet the customers' needs on  telecommunication quality infrastructure solutions. Further, we also apply social responsibility within our supply change to build up engagement between our stakeholders with social responsibility.

Our concern on the importance of the community for the sustainability of future generations, we play active roles in supporting, developing and implementing a series of community development and empowerment programs through the implementation of Four Pillars of CSR.