General Meeting Of Shareholders (GMS)

The General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) represents the primary forum whereby shareholders exercise their rights and authority over Management and is the highest decision-making body within the Company, in accordance with prevailing GCG standards and regulations. All shareholders have equal standing as owners and are therefore accorded equal access to information pertaining to matters brought forward for the decision of the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders or ‘AGMS’.

The Shareholders possess the rights and authority to: appoint and terminate members of the BOC and BOD, set the amount of remuneration accorded to the members of the BOC and BOD, evaluate the BOC’s and BOD’s performance and corporate strategy employed, determine the use of profits as well as set the distribution of dividends, approve the annual report, and consider proposed amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association.

Summary of Resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders:

Summary of AGMS 2017 Results
Summary of EGMS 24 October 2016
Summary of 2016 AGMS Results